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Perlman Classical • Cedar Top • Brazilian Rosewood Sides & Back
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Perlman Guitars are exquisitely beautiful to the eye, lavishly rich to the ear. Each one a handmade work of art, the result of twenty years of dedicated research, work, and uncompromising attention to detail in the pursuit of building guitars of the rarest quality.

Please browse the site to see what Perlman Guitars might have to offer to you. You can view Steel String and Classical models available, with complete details regarding woods, dimensions, options and prices.

In the Gallery you can peruse many of the guitars and instruments Alan Perlman has designed, built and restored over many years. The Showcase features current or recent projects. You can listen to high quality sound clips of several Perlman guitars being played by their fortunate and grateful owners and you can read their evaluations and descriptions of these treasured instruments in the Testimonials section.

Alan has included a Research section for those interested in what goes into creating a superior sounding guitar, and where his journey has taken him in this quest. Look around the Workshop, check out the artists who are playing and recording with Perlman Guitars, find answers to your questions in the FAQ section and please feel free to contact Alan Perlman with additional questions and inquires about having a custom made guitar built for you.

A small number of demanding artists will own a guitar that expands and embellishes every note they play, you can be one these artists. Your Perlman Guitar will no doubt be the best guitar you will ever own............unless of course you decide to purchase a second instrument, as some customers do!


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