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11 String Perlman Guitar“When I asked Alan if he would build an 11-string arch guitar, I was struck by his enthusiasm to confront such a challenging project. My new guitar reflects that same enthusiasm with every beautifully crafted line and ornament. The sound is crystalline and well balanced; I couldn’t be more pleased.”

-James Kline (11-string arch guitar)

"I have admired and appreciated Perlman guitars since the early 1980s. I first met Alan Perlman back then, and heard and played the steel string he had built for himself. I was blown away by the guitar's overall balance, clarity and purely beautiful sound. I ordered a Perlman in 1993. I had played my fine old Martin OO-28 (circa 1925) for nearly twenty years by then. In designing my guitar, Alan accommodated my ideas and preferences, blending them into his own design concepts. He appreciated my love for the old Martin and he examined my playing styles, which range from heavy strumming to fingerpicking separate lines. It was a pleasure to be in touch with Alan throughout these creative processes.

Top detailHe built a gorgeous guitar with a spruce top and Brazilian back and sides. The body is OM shaped. The neck has two added frets (sixteen to the body) and is wide and shaped in the old 'V' style. The overall balance of this guitar's sound is fantastic. It plays cleanly and evenly all over, with remarkable clarity and separation. Simultaneously moving lines played on this guitar are more distinct than on any other I have heard. The volume projection of this Perlman guitar literally blows me away every day. I recently acquired another Perlman, similar to the longneck in many ways, although it may be considered a less customized instrument. All of my descriptions of the sound and playability of my other Perlman apply to this one too. No need to repeat them. Both guitars have beautiful one of a kind soundhole rosettes and my new one has inlays of lotus flowers in the fretboard. Besides creating remarkable sounding guitars, Alan Perlman is renowned for his incredible finish and inlay work. I am indeed fortunate to have these guitars in my hands every day."

Thanks Alan.

- John McCormick (Custom Style 1 Brazilian RW)

Rosette"I had been searching for "THE" acoustic steel string guitar for about 15 years. I had owned 20 or 30 fine guitars, many Martins and several high end Taylors. I had never been able to find the guitar that I knew I would want to keep for the rest of my life. Then I saw, heard and played John McCormick's new Perlman guitar and could barely believe the sound. Here was the volume, fullness and gorgeous timbre that I had been looking for. The fineness of detail and the precision of the the construction was beyond what I thought was possible to build, it was simpy beautiful in every respect, visually and sonically. Basically I was thrilled, stunned and knew that whatever it took I had to own a Perlman. In 1995 Alan created guitar #55 for me, a beautiful, modified Style 1 with a cutaway, Brazilian rosewood sides & back, spruce top and a custom rosette. He is currently building a second guitar for me without the cutaway. So, I will soon own two instruments that I will be grateful to play for the rest of my life.........I can only say thank you Alan Perlman."

- Gordon Burnham (Style 1 Cutaway Brazilian Rosewood Sides & Back)

"For the money it took to improve significantly on what I had, I thought I should be able to get exactly what I dreamed of, but I wasn’t finding it hanging in the stores. I played many fine guitars, but none had the exact combination of qualities I wanted. During this long search, I met and liked Alan before I discovered he made guitars. When I later played a friend’s newly completed Perlman, I knew I should talk to him.

Alan listened to me play my old guitar, and to my description of what I liked and didn’t from it and the other guitars I’d played, then described to me exactly what I dreamed of playing, and how he could create it. When he finished #171, it was (and is) a dream come true. The combination of Englemann spruce and Brazilian rosewood produces a beautiful tone, even response, and tremendous projection. It is the most comfortable guitar I have ever touched. I gave him only a few preferences regarding appearance, and with that free reign he designed a gorgeous guitar. One recording engineer simply calls it “the uber-guitar.”
Thanks Alan!"

- Frank Buffum

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