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Larson - Stahl, front viewThis guitar is a replica of a 1920’s Stahl #6 guitar, the original built by the Larson Brothers. I had recently completed a major restoration of a Stahl 6 that had come to me through Eric Schoenberg Guitars and we were both struck by its exceptional sound. It had incredible presence and projection and a quick response, one of the finest guitars I’ve played, a fingerstylist’s dream. Eric subsequently commissioned the reproduction as a collaboration between us.

The guitar is identical to the original in nearly all aspects. Internal construction, dimensions, inlay and the binding/purfling are the same. I replicated the original’s unique soundboard doming which I believe is critical to its unique tone. The back and sides are Brazilian rosewood, as in the original. The only differences are in the addition of an adjustable truss rod and the decision to use European spruce for the soundboard. I had European spruce that most closely approximated the original’s characteristics and it proved to be a good choice.

I kept the guitar for a short while and placed it for sale at Schoenberg Guitars, where it was sold in a bit less than two weeks. It created quite a stir!

Larson - Stahl, back viewI’ll be exploring this design further. Definitely more along the same lines and I’ve been thinking of the same design in an OM style body.
Please inquire regarding price and options.

(Photos by Dutch Treat Productions).
LINK: Schoenberg Guitars in Tiburon, CA, the finest collection of vintage and new guitars you will find anywhere, with complete repair and restoration available.


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